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Month: September 2020

Advanced Praise for Midnight Horror Show

“For fans of Dan Simmons’ one-two punch Summer of Night and A Winter Haunting, where the horror seeps into the very region itself, there’s a new novel waiting for you to call home… Ben Lathrop’s Midnight Horror Show is the bleak and bloody equivalent to Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska, if it were directed by Al Adamson. This is acoustic guitar horror at its best, strumming up windswept screams against a backdrop of the lonesome Midwest.”—Clay McLeod Chapman, author of The Remaking

“Firmly rooted in all those things that made ‘80s horror so great. Campy, gross, weird, harrowing, scary, funny, big-hearted. Midnight Horror Show is a good one.”—Keith Rosson, author of The Mercy of the Tide and Road Seven

“Spook shows, drive-ins, horror hosts & monster movies – Ben’s love for the genre shines through in this page-turner.”—Dr. Gangrene, Chiller Cinema, Dr. Gangrene’s Cinetarium

Midnight Horror Show takes you through the darkest recesses of horror nostalgia and video store lore into a fog-drenched gothic landscape of occult murders, mysterious creatures, and so much blood. Evokes Poe, Lovecraft, and Clive Barker in a compelling mystery that’s familiar while feeling thoroughly fresh. I couldn’t put the book down.”—Ben Rock, Video PalaceThe Blair Witch Project

“An ode to the nearly lost tradition of the Midnight Creature Feature and their macabre hosts. If you fondly remember Elvira, the Svengoolie, Vampira, Dr. Creep, Sinister Seymour, or Grampa Al Lewis you will absolutely love this sinister adaptation of the late night monster movie scene.” – Rex Hurst, author of What Hell May Come

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